Pursuing the Gold Standard in Value Added Products Development from Extraction through Education, Technologies and Technique.

State of the Art Education

Education, Equipment, Facilities, and Techniques developed specifically for the industry’s needs:

  • High-capacity Production Platforms
  • Safe & Efficient Facility Design and Operating Procedures
  • ≥ 90% Potency Product; Near-zero Residuals

Experienced Innovator

Our full-time staff are an accredited chemist and experienced innovator.

Together, they bring first-hand knowledge of formal protocol development, laboratory operation, and facility design to the cannabis extract industry.

Unparalleled Results

With our production methods and equipment, customers have realized yields over 4-8 × greater than systems of comparable cost.

From the ground up to the storefront, ABC has the schools and tools you need to succeed.

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As the CEO of a small start up, it’s really easy to feel alone in this venture; these guys make it so you always have someone both experienced and heart centered, to call, to count on, to bounce ideas off of, and this, is invaluable. These guys are of the utmost caliber, their characters speak volumes. Trust! It’s just, invaluable, and you can ~trust~ them. Trust them to have your best interests in mind, and to rally their endless knowledge and resources to tackle whatever issue stands before, like none other before.

I was absolutely amazed at how they pulled together and were able to approach the situation from so many different angels. It felt like they were just totally and completely there for me, whatever I needed. It was/is rather wonderful ~:~ to the stars, and beyond! I have been consistently impressed by the guys at ABC Schools & Tools! They offer an all-encompassing solution, regardless of the issue. Exceptional responsiveness, a vast skill set, and an endless sea of solutions is what one can expect from the team at ABC. They’ll help make your foundation stronger, your process stronger, your oil, the best; whatever it is, they have the tools you need for your business to succeed.

– Avi Leanne Taylor, Northwest Wonderland

Proven Results

Over 1,500 Residual Solvent tests exceeding industry standard since 2013.

Extraction Education

We’re the home of the legendary Clear Class, held weekly, that is the gold standard in extraction methodology.

This class and our other educational offerings are unique and extensive—our education is hands-on and takes into account your specific needs. As if that weren’t enough, we guarantee future support and hope to build long-lasting relationships that lead to success for our students and the greater community.

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Lab and Extraction Equipment

  • Premium Steel Hydrocarbon Extractor Line (UE Series)
    • High-capacity: Processes 960 lbs. (435 kg) of trim/day.
    • Versatile: Extracts 5-7  types of oil products.
    • Sterile: Closed-loop design results in no contamination.
  • C02 Extractor Line
  • Thin Film Evaporation equipment and more…
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Lab and Facility Designs

Cradle-to-grave lab design by an experienced Cannabis industry veteran who brought you BlackBox Vape Pen and Strain Specific Concentrates.


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Licensed and regulated by local authorities in WA and OR.

  • Public-Facing Retail and Medical
  • Lab
  • Farm
  • Kitchen
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Lease and License

Equipment, facilities, and intellectual property (IP) available on flexible terms.

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