Design Serv­­ices

Cradle-to-grave lab design. The most inclusive, cost-effective designs on the market today:

The most inclusive, cost-effective designs on the market today:

  • Laboratory
  • Kitchen
  • Production Platforms

  • Whole Facility


Cannabis Industry Innovators and Engineers Creating Industry-Leading Standards

ABC Schools & Tools utilizes techniques and designs that originate from a deep understanding of scientific processes set in lab contexts.

S&T offers unique qualifications in creating designs that meet and exceed the following standards:

  • International Fire Code,
  • LCCB,
  • OSHA,
  • Pharmaceutical industry standards.

At a Glance

About Our Designs

  • $160/ft²
  • Includes materials/labor
  • Customized to product line

Designed to Optimize

  • Time
  • Material
  • Quality

Designed to Achieve

  • Production Diversity
  • Profitable and Efficient Operations

Types of Design Services

A wide spectrum of designs, from Class 1/Division 1 I502 Lab Standards to pharmaceutical-grade R&D laboratories. Across the scope of extraction chemistry, from small batch distillation to multi-machine CO2 and Hydrocarbon facilities. From Design to Regulatory Approval
(WA and OR)
Workspace Hardware Product Lines

WA & OR Approved Designs

Cannabis Extraction Labs

  • Alcohol
  • Butane
  • CO2

Optimized for

  • Clear
  • Live Resin
  • Rosin
  • Water/Ice Hash


  • To Suit Material and Products
  • No Min. ft² Required
    • Capital Investment or Monthly “Rent per ft² Used”
  • Sensible Overhead

Entire Facility


  • Proven, Tried-and-True Designs
  • Suitable for Mixed/Multi-Discipline Extraction

Grow Space

  • Trim Room
  • Dry Room
  • Quarantine Room
  • Offices and Bathrooms


  • Small-Large Sizes
  • Expandable, Modular Designs