Clear Class Available Weekly!

And 36 More Classes:

  • Extraction Purposes, Styles, Methods
  • Extract Product Development and Packaging
  • Equipment Operation
  • Laboratory Safety and Operation Standards
  • Administrative Aspects
    • Organization, Compliance, Accounting

(Hardware available at time of class and for pre-purchase )

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The ABC Schools and Tools Philosophy of Education

We are, first and foremost, scientists. Our approach relies on techniques that have been developed through deep knowledge of the cannabis industry, from the genetics of the seed to the distribution of market-ready products.

We are community-oriented teachers who believe in sharing the best of our knowledge with others. Each class is geared toward the needs of its students and our approach varies as each student and situation demands. We recommend students have a partner to learn with, so our classes typically have a 1:2 instructor/student ratio. Instruction takes place over a three-day period on average, though this can change as required by a student’s experience. After the classes, alumni are provided video footage of the classes and phone support regarding anything taught in the class, as well as a future discount on all Schools & Tools classes and equipment. Our classes are extensive and come with future support; within our classes, the students and instructors form long-lasting relationships and develop a community, leading to the success of all.

Clear Class

clear class

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Clear Class


  • Held at least weekly
  • Each web-based seminar runs 8 hours and is comprehensive to the subject matter.

To Suit

  • Individualized, on- or off-site instruction in 36 topics and counting.
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Popular Offerings

Clear Class $5,000
Vaporizer Cartridge Classes (Including Clear Cartridges) $5,000
Hydrocarbon Full Course
  • 1 Week Class (I502-Licensees Only)


  • Tool breakdown,
  • Parts sourcing,
  • Annual cleaning,
  • Maintenance,
  • Operational parameters, and
  • Safety Training


Rotary Evaporators with Training Course and Set-Up
  • 5 L
  • 20 L
  • 50 L
Hydrocarbon Equipment $7,000-$22,000
Full Distillation Set-Up $14,000

Full Class Catalog

A solvent-free refinement process that separates THC on a molecular level for the cleanest, most potent concentrates on the market. For dab pen cartridges, raw oil, edibles, capsules, and more.

  • Clear Process
  • Natural Terpene Extraction
  • Terpene Reintroduction
  • Terpene Enhancement
  • Testing/Phases/Clear
  • Cartridges: Clear
  • Extraction Methods: Alcohol, Butane (and other hydrocarbons), Carbon Dioxide (C02)
  • Extraction: Fractional Distillation—”Clear Class
  • Extraction: Alcohol, Cold and Hot
  • Extraction: Hydrocarbons (Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Hexane, Other Exotic Solvents)
  • Extraction: C02
  • Extracts: Live Resin, Passive and Active
  • Extracts: Rosin, Technology and Methods
  • Purging: Alcohol, Butane, C02
  • Winterization: C02, Tanes, Re-run & RSO
  • Chemical Reactors: 101 Uses
  • Chillers & Heaters: Uses, Choices, Sources
  • Distillers: Uses, Choices, Sources
  • Glassware: Uses, Choices, Sources
  • Ovens: Uses, Choices, Sources
  • Rotary Evaporators: Uses, Sizes, Sources
  • Stills: Uses and Sources
  • Branding
  • Cartridges and Pens
  • Customized Product Lines
  • I502 Product Integration
  • Packaging Design
  • Processing Facility Optimization
  • Recipe/IP/Preparation Optimization
  • Warranties: Lifetime or Limited?
  • Accounting: Variances
  • Processor Organization
  • Resource Allocation
  • Sales and Distribution